Please don’t send me to the….

noun, Slang 1. a jail.

I love learning new words, and I love etymology.  It helps me remember the meaning if I know the origin of the word, a trick many of us learned preparing for the SAT or GRE.

One of my favorite words is “hoosegow.”  It certainly wouldn’t be a pleasant place to be, but it sounds perfectly silly.  I assumed it was British slang because it sounds like one of their funny words (think codswallop or gobsmacked), but it turns out to be an Americanism of the Mexican Spanish word for jail jusgado.  
Do you have any funny or interesting words?  I’d love to hear them!

Petite Peppers

petite peppers


I don’t really like peppers, but I do think they’re awfully pretty.  The variety of vivid colors is a treat for the eyes (if not my taste buds.)

I remember a student art exhibit I attended in college at UNC-Asheville. One of the artists painted nothing but grocery store produce displays, and she wrote a description of why the colors and shapes appealed to her so much that she had to paint them.  I thought that was pretty darn cool.


I’m a big believer in handwritten notes, especially thank-you notes.  If someone takes the time and initiative to pick out a gift, the least you can do is hand write a note rather than shoot off an email.

I found this wonderful stationery on etsy from Ornament Letterpress.

Letterpress is a type of relief printing, and the texture adds that little bit of “something special.”

Here are just a few items available in the shop:

bluesquares greengreekkeys orangecards pinktrellis


I wear sunglasses all the time when I’m outside, even when it’s overcast…I have very sensitive eyes.  If I don’t wear them, my eyes turn into a teary mess, and mascara runs down my face and all the way to the ground leaving an inky black trail behind me.

It is the weekend, and it is the middle of summer…so here’s a bit of “shade” inspiration.

These are Tiffany, and I love the little bow on the side.

tiffany sunglasses with bow


These are David Yurman from Neiman Marcus.

david yurman waverly sunglasses neiman marcus

And, for those of us who are a little more budget conscious, these are from Ann Taylor Loft, and they happen to be 50% off.

ann taylor loft sunglasses


Happy weekend!  Hope it’s sunny where you are!

French Farmhouse

 “Elegance comes from a slow accumulation of things I love.” – Marston Luce


Veranda magazine showcases many lovely homes in each issue.  But, I found this one particularly appealing and just had to share it.


VER060114Luce02 VER060114Luce03 VER060114Luce06 VER060114Luce08


I love the muted colors and , of course, the gardens.  And, I learned a new word today – the round building in the first photo is a “pigeonnier”, an outbuilding containing nesting boxes in which pigeons could roust.


Strawberries and Cream

According to the Wimbledon website, Wimbledon is the largest single annual sporting catering operation in Europe.  

Perhaps the most famous dish served is strawberries and cream.

  • They are served in punnets (a small container for strawberries or other fruit) of not less than 10 berries + cream.
  • To ensure the utmost freshness, strawberries are picked the day before being served.  They are delivered to Wimbledon at around 5:30 am for inspection and hulling.
  • A serving will set you back about £2.50.

And, if you’re enjoying your strawberries at home, why not serve them in with Wedgwood Wild Strawberry dishes!