French Farmhouse

 “Elegance comes from a slow accumulation of things I love.” – Marston Luce


Veranda magazine showcases many lovely homes in each issue.  But, I found this one particularly appealing and just had to share it.


VER060114Luce02 VER060114Luce03 VER060114Luce06 VER060114Luce08


I love the muted colors and , of course, the gardens.  And, I learned a new word today – the round building in the first photo is a “pigeonnier”, an outbuilding containing nesting boxes in which pigeons could roust.


Strawberries and Cream

According to the Wimbledon website, Wimbledon is the largest single annual sporting catering operation in Europe.  

Perhaps the most famous dish served is strawberries and cream.

  • They are served in punnets (a small container for strawberries or other fruit) of not less than 10 berries + cream.
  • To ensure the utmost freshness, strawberries are picked the day before being served.  They are delivered to Wimbledon at around 5:30 am for inspection and hulling.
  • A serving will set you back about £2.50.

And, if you’re enjoying your strawberries at home, why not serve them in with Wedgwood Wild Strawberry dishes!


Sunday Morning in the Garden

The southern garden is lush and verdant in June.  It is also unbearably humid!  I was able to bear the almost liquid air for a few moments of solitude and photography practice with my new camera this morning.

Then I started melting, making a huge mess, and decided to come back in the air conditioning before there was nothing left of me but a sweaty, molten puddle for my family to find in the back yard.

Annabelle Hydrangea

annabelle hydrangea.


Fairy Garden

IMG_0679 IMG_0681 fairy garden.

Oak leaf hydrangea through the garden gate, fading now from cream to a reddish mauve


oak leaf hydrangea.

Bicycle baskets

In a perfect world, I would have a bicycle with a wicker basket attached to the front.


The bike would be pink or maybe light green, and I would ride it everywhere.

pink bicycle


I would carry fresh flowers in it in the morning from the corner flower stand


fresh bread from the bakery

bike basket fresh bread


and shop for produce at the farmer’s market in the afternoon.

bike at farmers market


Some days my bike would take me to the library, and I would fill the basket with books.

bike basket holding books


And, other days I would just ride my bike and not worry about carrying anything at all…


First Day of Summer

Tomorrow is the first day of summer… which makes me think of being a kid:  swimming in the pool all day, coming home and taking a bath, smelling of soap and comfy in summer pj’s, the Braves game on TV with Skip Carey or Ernie Johnson announcing – creating the soundtrack of my childhood summers, the screen door letting in the sound of the racket-y cicadas. I also think of the drive-in movie lying on blankets in the back of Daddy’s old pickup truck, fireworks and the laser show at Stone Mountain (a huge chunk of granite protruding from the red Georgia clay), riding my bike, running through the sprinkler…..the list could go on.

What memories of summer take you back in time?

barefoot in grass.

Game of Thrones

Sunday’s action-packed, sitting on the edge of my seat episode of Game of Thrones has left me in a state of serious withdrawal.  I so look forward to the show every week – usually Monday nights, because who can stay up past 9 p.m. at my age?


So to occupy myself until the next season arrives, I’ve bought the first book of the series for my Kindle.  The task is a bit daunting considering how long the books are.  But, if I can make it through the first book I think I’ll buy the boxed set.

Wish me luck!  And, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the show or the books.